Online Phd Degree Program ? Which One Would You Choose?

Online Phd Degree Program ? Which One Would You Choose?

Online Phd Degree Program – Which One Would You Choose?

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Home Page > Education > Online Education > Online Phd Degree Program – Which One Would You Choose?

Online Phd Degree Program – Which One Would You Choose?

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Posted: Feb 09, 2010 |Comments: 0


A PhD is the highest level of education any individual can attain. PhD programs usually take four to six years for completion and are done after the successful completion of a master’s program. The PhD commands significant respect, as a result, holders of a PhD degree earn an average of ,000 per annum than individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

Background of the Online PhD Degree

An online PhD is an advance study into a chosen field where students are required to conduct extensive research on their subject area. During the online PhD program, courses are delivered in a series of online seminars and independent study modules. These modules gently guide students through the program and prepare them to sit a series of oral and written examination that determines if they are ready to conduct their dissertation research in their area of specialization. Once they have passed their qualification exams, online PhD students must then pursue an original research in their field that they must then defend before a dissertation committee.

Accreditation of Online PhD Programs

Online PhD programs are not cheap. As a result, students must ensure that their PhD receives accreditation status from the Department of Education. Students can easily investigate the accreditation status of their online university by simply enter its name on the university status website of the Department of education.

In addition, a PhD is an elite degree, so it is important to maintain your reputation that your PhD is recognized and not placed among those that are frowned upon.

Benefits of an Online PhD

Having an online PhD puts you among a group of individuals who are able to shape policies with the society. Many PhD holders are members of influential groups and associations. As a precaution, prior to signing up for a particular PhD program, it is good to investigate what associations are affiliated to the university or subject area. This affiliation is vital to networking, consultation and job search. Some PhD programs also qualify graduates for licensure in particular fields.

Popular Online PhD Programs

Online PhD programs are available in various subject areas. Some of these specializations include:

* Online PhD in Psychology: The Online PhD in Psychology entails studies in the field of counseling, educational, organizational and clinical psychology. Graduates of the online PhD ply their trade as senior counselors in healthcare facilities, university lecturers and government policy makers.

* Online PhD in Education: The Online PhD in education is a popular online degree amongst principals and other education executives. It focuses on senior management roles along with an area of specialization in the field of education.

* Online PhD in Engineering: The online PhD in engineering is one that has many areas of specialization. Students can choose to specialize in areas such as mechanical, electrical, civil or computer engineering. The courses studied during each engineering PhD program are specific to each area of specialization. Students also learn significant management skills that prepare them for senior roles within organizations.

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Online PhD Degree Program – Which one would you choose?



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