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Nirma Institute of Management

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Nirma Institute of Management

Posted: Feb 19, 2011 |Comments: 0


The Institute of Management in India has an established mission, vision and values which are important in an educational institution. It is part of the Nirma University which is comprised of several institutes. The vision is to develop effective and socially responsible individuals and organizations. As an educational institution the aim is to be the best business schools in the Asian Region. Part of the mission involves developing leaders and entrepreneurs through applicable management education and development through conducting applied research and preparing instructional resources.


The values of the Institute encompass respect for the individual, concern for society, creativity and academic excellence. These values are achieved through providing five basic academic programs. The programmes provide opportunities to attend either as a part time student or a full time student. The programs offered include Master of Business Administration (part time or full time), Master of Business Administration for Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Doctor of Philosophy Programme (PhD), Executive Diploma Programmes and Doctor of Philosophy Programme (PhD) (External).


The opportunities available under the Doctor of Philosophy Programme (PhD) (External) provide opportunities for researchers, teachers and industry professionals to excel their career in teaching, research and consultancy. The full time Master of Business Administration (MBA) is aimed to mould future managers who would contribute to the corporate world through their service and leadership. The full time MBA involves a two year full-time, residential program of the institute. The MBA part time is designed for the working people to upgrade themselves to the latest managerial practices.


The MBA for family business and entrepreneurship is a two year full-time residential programme in management education. The Doctor of Philosophy Programme (PhD) is designed to promote excellence in Management Education the objective of which is to prepare young men and women for challenging opportunities in teaching, research and consulting. The Executive Diploma Programmes focus on the areas of Human Resource Management, Finance and Marketing and International Business.


The institute connects with the corporate world through having a range of planned activities both with and within the various industries. This is accomplished by guest lectures by senior professionals, case study discussions, seminars and workshops among others. In addition as part of their connecting with the corporate world they have a two month summer internship at an organization. This part of the education philosophy involves field projects, industry visits in India and abroad.


The structure of the various educational opportunities along with their purpose discussed above fall under three basic types of programmes. The first is Executive Diploma Programmes. The second is Management Development Programmes and the last is in-house training programmes.


The in-house training programmes the institute has covers a wide range of topics associated with management principles, philosophy, finance and communication which are aimed at helping the students develop talents and expertise which will benefit them in the corporate world of tomorrow. The Nirma Institute of Management on their web site provides easy access to detailed requirements for each of the educational programmes and opportunities available through the institute.


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Ajeet Khurana -
About the Author:

I suggest Nirma Institute of Management or the official Nirma Institute of Management. Check SP Jain Institute Mumbai.

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